A must have for the ultra athlete…and for life

credit: the art of simple.net

credit: the art of simple.net


Does a relaxing session in front of the TV, with your favorite sport heroes on screen, getting down to what they do best, inspire you too?


I like watching the world’s top track athletes, road cyclists, tri-athletes and marathoners in action.  Without fail these champs stir my inner being and give me itchy feet, bringing on a want deep inside me, to better myself too.


Do you too sometimes experience that inspiration buzz, but find that it slips away before you got yourself going?


In today’s post we look at why we fail to build the bridges, that will transport us safely from our wants, across challenges and obstacles, to arrive successfully, goals achieved.


The reasons for this gap between wanting and taking action include fear and negativity, as well as lacking know-how, goal setting, purpose, accountability and support.  I left the biggie for last: a lack of self discipline.


Here goes my thoughts on mastering self discipline:


  1. formulate a personal, powerful goal;
  2. choose enjoyable activities that will become habits, resulting in long term goal achievement;
  3. start small, practice daily;
  4. keep a daily journal in which you log your activities, feelings and perceptions…it will be your personal self discipline story;
  5. visualize yourself succeeding and sense how you imagine it will feel like;
  6. remind yourself that today’s sacrifices are really only delayed gratification en route to that goal;
  7. be patient, believe in yourself;
  8. reward yourself for small successes along the way;
  9. build a network and surround yourself with positive, self disciplined, knowledgeable  people;
  10. don’t give up – it is said that at least 21 days are needed to form a new habit!


5 x world ironman champion Craig Alexander. One of my favorite athletes to watch. Pure inspiration.

5 x world IRONMAN champion Craig Alexander. One of my favorite athletes to watch. Pure inspiration.


So, make some time to be quiet and think about what you really want.  Consider how to nurture and harness good habits and self discipline, to be your allies in bridging the gap between wants and success.  Keep it simple for starters…mastering self discipline in one area, soon spills over to discipline in all other aspects of your life.


Ultimately, we live by choice, not by chance.  We make our choices, then our choices make us.


Drop me a line if you want to talk about your wellness dreams.


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