AM or PM? What works for you…

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Some of us are early birds and thrive on training in the mornings. Others prefer late afternoons and early evenings. A question often asked, is what is the best time of the day to exercise. Let’s look at the benefits of AM and PM exercise sessions.


-Mornings offer a good chance of success if sticking to a workout routine is an issue for you, before the day’s unplanned events and time pressures interfere.

-Physically, exercising in a fasted state renders healthy metabolic adaptations, enhancing glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and fat burning.

-Mentally you start your day alert, motivated and positive, thanks to the exercise induced endorphin release in your body.

-You could experience a better night’s sleep, high intensity exercise late in the day sometimes interfere with sleep.


-Afternoon and early evening exercise is the perfect outlet for stress accumulated in the course of the day, stress management is an often neglected but major health risk factor.

-In the latter part of the day, body and environmental temperatures are higher, so muscles will be less cold and less inflexible, aiding muscle performance, strength, endurance and a reduced risk of injury.

-Studies have shown that the immune system is most vulnerable early morning, so if you find exercise sometimes suppresses your immune function, you might want to consider moving your session to later in the day.

So, each time slot brings its own benefits.

Ultimately, what matters most for getting results from an exercise routine, is consistency. You know yourself better than anyone else. Ask yourself which time slot are most likely to pave the way for your adherence to an exercise routine.

What time works for you? Once you figured that out, you have your key to consistent exercise and guaranteed results.

Now is a good time to quote Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do.

Happy training.

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