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An Awesome Ultra On My Doorstep

  “Even a bad day on the trails is still a good day”…a favorite saying in trail running circles, but a few times during Ultra-Trail Cape Town I had conversations with myself in which I started questioning it.   When Summit Events announced the inaugural Ultra-Trail Cape Town (UTCT), I was hooked on its concept […]

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Here’s To A More Energetic You

  So how do you spend most of your roughly sixteen daily waking hours?  What do you get “up to”?  How many hours do you spend on your feet, preferably moving, in other words not sitting or lying down?   The majority’s response will be that a very small portion of time is spent on […]

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Let’s Team Up

  There are many ways in which endurance events are analogies for a fulfilling life.   The analogy most relevant to my message today is, if you keep hammering away at a life goal long enough, you will eventually own the reward.   Personal motivation is crucial in moving forward towards your goal.  I like […]

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A must have for the ultra athlete…and for life

  Does a relaxing session in front of the TV, with your favorite sport heroes on screen, getting down to what they do best, inspire you too?   I like watching the world’s top track athletes, road cyclists, tri-athletes and marathoners in action.  Without fail these champs stir my inner being and give me itchy […]

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Team iloveultras soldiering through Oorlogskloof

  March 2014 and ABSA Cape Epic with my client Alex had come and gone and made way for time to revert back to my own fitness goals.   Looking at the year’s race calendar it dawned on me that much like 2011, my main mission for 2014 will be to attend to unfinished business, […]

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Taming The Untamed

One of the most exhilarating aspects of my business is embarking on a journey that takes a client out of his or her comfort zone, into a world where previously unknown levels of fatigue are encountered and where the onset of such fatigue has to be delayed and managed.   Today’s post is about a […]

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