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How I drank urine and bat blood to survive

Herewith follows an extraordinary story of the human will to survive, against all odds.  I really want to share the story of Mauro Prosperi’s epic journey with you and hope you find it as inspiring as I did today, a week before the start of my own MdS experience.  Kindly note, the text here is from an […]

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The urge to be a part of the Marathon des Sables (MdS)

The 32nd edition of the Marathon des Sables (MdS) kicks off in 3 weeks’ time and I will be there!  The entire event spans 10 days from the 7th to 17th April 2017 and includes 7 days of running.  It is one of those races where you set yourself a goal so big, it scares […]

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OMG! I’m turning 40!

It is the year 2015 and it signals a milestone for those of us born in 1975: turning forty! My 40th birthday is only a few days away. Yikes, how did 39 years go by so fast? Time flies when you are having a good time. The big four 0 means different things to different […]

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A must have for the ultra athlete…and for life

  Does a relaxing session in front of the TV, with your favorite sport heroes on screen, getting down to what they do best, inspire you too?   I like watching the world’s top track athletes, road cyclists, tri-athletes and marathoners in action.  Without fail these champs stir my inner being and give me itchy […]

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Taming The Untamed

One of the most exhilarating aspects of my business is embarking on a journey that takes a client out of his or her comfort zone, into a world where previously unknown levels of fatigue are encountered and where the onset of such fatigue has to be delayed and managed.   Today’s post is about a […]

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Festive Fitness.

As I’m writing this, the holiday spirit is getting hold of me too after our lazy afternoon at the Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival.  This chilled feeling is trying its best to kick start my migration to holiday slothdom.  So right now, I’m putting the spotlight on how to stay active and not become a lazybones this […]

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