Here’s To A More Energetic You


So how do you spend most of your roughly sixteen daily waking hours?  What do you get “up to”?  How many hours do you spend on your feet, preferably moving, in other words not sitting or lying down?


The majority’s response will be that a very small portion of time is spent on their feet!  Modern society is infected by a sitting epidemic, shortening life expectancy and increasing risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and reducing quality of life.


As we all know, regular structured exercise sessions have countless health benefits.  But most fail to realize that it cannot undo the harm caused by long, uninterrupted sitting sessions, a trap most people with sedentary jobs fall into and never get up and out of.  Remember this!  The hour or so spent moving during aerobic exercise, does not give you the all clear to just sit for the rest of the day!


This epidemic has no anti-sitting pill or injection that offers quick fixes. The only cure for today’s sitting disease is taking responsibility for your own health and actively applying discipline to get up and move more.


Here we have simple suggestions to increase your daily activity levels.  Remember, every little bit helps!


1: Drink more water while at your desk. It’ll force you to get up more frequently.


2: Pack your lunch and eat outside, or walk to buy lunch instead of getting it delivered.


3: Don’t use the lift, use the stairs.


4: Use a pedometer; you will be amazed how few steps you take per day. Set yourself a daily goal, ten thousand steps is a good aim. Results follow goals.


5:  Walk to work, park your car further away or get off an earlier bus stop.


6:  Set a recurring alarm to remind you that it is time for your half hourly get up and move.


7:  Walk to the copier or printer or colleagues instead of using an assistant, telephone or email.


Today’s post is the introduction to a series that will cover simple exercises and stretches to undo the effects that sitting too much have on optimal day to day functioning.


Basically any excuse to get up and move is a good one.


I encourage you to interact with questions, or tips on how you up your daily moves.


Happy moving!

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