Let’s Team Up


There are many ways in which endurance events are analogies for a fulfilling life.


The analogy most relevant to my message today is, if you keep hammering away at a life goal long enough, you will eventually own the reward.


Personal motivation is crucial in moving forward towards your goal.  I like to think of motivation as the main ingredient in the recipe for successful goal attainment.


Motivation’s foundation is built out of reasons.  Motivation is defined as the reason/s for acting or behaving in a particular way.  So, a solid foundation requires you to be very honest with yourself and crystallize your reasons for wanting to start and maintain something worthwhile.  Not your partner or neighbor or sporting hero’s reasons.


You might want something tangible, like a fastest racing time, or a certain number on the scale or cholesterol test.  It might be an intangible such as a youthful appearance or feeling.  I can think of endless options, from entering your first multi-day trail run or mountain bike race, your first marathon or half-marathon, or just to lose weight and feel great…Thrilling@30  Fast@40  Fit@50  Strong@60(or 70)  Idol@80!  The reasons for your goal are yours. Only yours!


I would love to guide you on your journey of achieving goals, keeping motivated and identifying reasons.


I am excited to officially launch my I love ultras new Personal Online Coaching service, in addition to my existing I love ultras Personal Training and Life Coaching service.  As with my existing service offering, my online service will be personal, with unique approaches tailored to suit individuals.   Emails and scheduled Skype calls form the basis of my new Personal Online Coaching service.  Why not go ahead and contact me…I’m looking forward to us working together in achieving your goals!


Happy training!


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