Personal Online Coaching:
– Appointing me as your Online Fitness Coach will be the best decision you can make today.

No two people are the same.
No two people’s lives are the same.
No two people’s needs or goals are the same.

You will receive a custom-made program that delivers a best fit for you as individual. The program considers you as a whole including body, mind, spirit and emotions, as well as your unique goals, needs, history and your life’s day to day demands. It will guide you towards attaining goals in a cheerful, healthy and balanced way, whilst avoiding injury and allowing for other life aspects, such as enough time with family and friends.

I offer three online training options:

Option 1
Well suited to highly driven individuals wanting communication and feedback more than once per week. This is the ultimate in personal online coaching: a detailed training plan designed 100% around you, daily feedback on workouts, and unlimited email contact with me. First, we will develop your long-term, intermediate and short-term goals as well as a strategy for accomplishing it. Your program will include daily workouts and I will respond to email queries.
Monthly rate: ZAR 1200, GBP 65, EUR 85, USD 105

Option 2
Well suited to goal orientated individuals seeking a more affordable option. The same level of detailed training plan built 100% around you, setting long, intermediate and short-term goals as well as a strategy for accomplishing them. You will then be given daily workouts which you will complete and email me reports daily. I will give weekly feedback and answer all your questions you might have regarding your week’s training.
Monthly rate: ZAR 800, GBP 45, EUR 62, USD 70

Option 3
Well suited to the individual pursuing a bucket list event and wanting someone there every step of the way. This is for the client that have the financial resources and want me not only to provide The Ultimate In Personal Online Coaching, but also want me to stand with them at the starting line, be with them every step of the way, motivating and encouraging them every step of the way and crossing the finish line with them. Sharing that great moment of achieving what they once thought to be unachievable.


Personal training:
– my emphasis is on bodyweight-only workouts in the outdoors; together we’ll decide on the timing and combination of activities suitable to your needs

Goal setting:
– together we’ll set specific goals that are measurable, realistic and achievable

Program design:
– together we’ll draw a road map to achieve your chosen goals

– I will ensure you remain focused

– I will help you identify and live up to your unique reasons for committing to an active lifestyle

Everyday, pre and post event mindfulness coaching:
– I will help you clear your mind from distractions and noise, so that your focus and awareness remain on your goals and your journey’s unique meaning

I invite you to share your dreams and passion for living an active lifestyle with me. I’m keen to guide you on your extraordinary journey.  Drop me an email to chat about working with me.  I look forward to hearing from you!