OMG! I’m turning 40!


It is the year 2015 and it signals a milestone for those of us born in 1975: turning forty!

My 40th birthday is only a few days away. Yikes, how did 39 years go by so fast? Time flies when you are having a good time.

The big four 0 means different things to different people. Many embrace it and believe life begins at forty. Others approach with caution and settle their nerves with humor. Many more seem resistant to the thought and anxiously contemplate their own midlife crises. How do (or did) you feel about it?

Well, what am I to do? I embrace the idea of turning forty, yet I got wondering about some of the top things men is said to do in this phase…trading sensible cars for sports cars, inappropriately flirting with 20 year olds, getting hair implants, entering an Ironman, the list is long!

Choosing a midlife project was easy. Ironman South Africa in Port Elizabeth on April 10th 2016 it is! Since I like to do things properly, I will also return to The Namib Desert Challenge(24 – 28 October 2016), where I finished 2nd overall in 2013, for the enormous challenge to see if I can do one better.

One of my goals, for years, has been to arrive at forty feeling fitter than ever before and I can honestly and proudly say that I have achieved this goal.

Watch this space: My next level of fitness life begins at 40!!

Happy training.

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