Festive Battle Of The Bulge.

  Here goes the third post of my Festive series.  Today is about enjoying festive foods whilst making wise choices, because let’s face it, deep down each one of us wants to hit the new year feeling great!   It took me a while to chop, change and trim my long list of how-to’s.  So here […]

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Festive Fitness.

As I’m writing this, the holiday spirit is getting hold of me too after our lazy afternoon at the Franschhoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival.  This chilled feeling is trying its best to kick start my migration to holiday slothdom.  So right now, I’m putting the spotlight on how to stay active and not become a lazybones this […]

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Festive Resolutions.

This coming Sunday is the 1st of December and for me it signals the year’s home stretch, some call it The Silly Season! Glaring Christmas promotions, heavier Cape Town traffic and crowds are hard to ignore.  Thankfully these rough edges are softened by perfect Atlantic sunsets that linger on until 8 pm.  And of course too by the prize that […]

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Choose an adventure and make it happen.

Walking, hiking, and trekking share the commonalities of putting one foot in front of the other, as well as seriously improving physical and mental health.  It is an easy way for ordinary people to experience the extraordinary. A trek is a multi-day, adventurous journey undertaken on foot, usually in a mountainous area where common means […]

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The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal Revolution: the good, the bad and the balance.

Tonight saw the much hyped launch of the book The Real Meal Revolution.  A team-effort between Prof Tim Noakes (scientist), Sally-Ann Creed (nutritionist), David Grier (chef-adventurer) and Jonno Proudfoot (chef-athlete), this book is a lifestyle guide and cookbook which promises to change your weight, health and life for the better!  What more could one want […]

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running trail

Is the answer really this simple?

Sometimes I don’t feel like running.  When my mind is too busy with everyday stuff and I feel a bit lost. Then suddenly I find myself running and my mind becomes still and clear. I then ask myself:  is this maybe why I run? Leave a comment to let me know what happens when you […]

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