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Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

Photo credit: In my last post two weeks ago, I shared my week of mourning a failed attempt at my first 100 miler and told you about my “roadblock” plan that gave me some direction.  When that week rolled into the next and brought spring along, I knew it was time to get back […]

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On a week of almost getting stuck and then finding inspiration, after injury.

I want to tell you how I took my cue from a former basketball player, to help me negotiate the tricky terrain of limbo and not get stuck too long, over this past week.  Because I think you will understand where I am and how it feels, when one cannot resume training due to injury. […]

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About curve balls and accepting things for what they are

“Sometimes, you get the bear.  Sometimes, the bear gets you.” – Sam Elliott Today’s post was gonna continue to roll on the wave of positive energy and confidence of my previous post.  I was super excited about attempting my first 100 miler, “amped” in teenage speak. Guess what?  My wave never reached the shore.  I […]

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About doing something for the very first time.

Tuffer PUFfeR is South Africa’s only 100 mile trail run.  This weekend brings my first attempt at a 100 miler, the Tuffer PUFfeR, here in Cape Town. I cannot believe it is so close.  I have only three sleeps left, until I set off on Friday morning. I will make my way, from the V&A […]

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A new experience

My story continues: Attending to unfinished business.

My memories in this and my previous post, go back as far as 2004 when I was a true weekend warrior.  My aim is to illustrate how, from there on, I’ve waded deeper and deeper into the wonders of the Southern African stage race and ultra-trail running scene.  I ended my previous post on a […]

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My story: Weekend warrior to novice stage racer.

Nowadays motivational gurus teach the value of affirmations such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.  I do not remember repeating such a thing on that morning back in December 2004.  But hell yes, as I sit here and think back to that memorable day, when Table Mountain was basking […]

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