The dozen or so years that Marius has been training me has brought huge changes for me. Not only has he worked physically to develop my fitness, strength and tone, his training has helped me gain so much confidence…


and as a result I now present myself very differently to the world.
We have also developed a great friendship of mutual respect and encouragement.


Do you have princess potential? Gym is not your thing but being in shape is. Hard physical work and sweating is not for you but feeling fit and toned is. If moaning is your way to physical improvement then Marius is the trainer for you.


Marius understands the frailties of feminine sweat. Surreptitiously he works my entire body whilst I am thinking about my post session coffee.
I am not a morning person yet 3 mornings a week have me out of bed before sun rise to train with Marius. I have been training with Marius for 7 years and it never ceases to amaze me how he always has me looking forward to my next gym session.


I met Marius shortly after giving birth to my second daughter. Having had two children within 15 months, amid difficult personal circumstances, I had put on 34 kilos! Feeling beyond desperate to reclaim my former body and vitality…


I joined the gym where Marius previously worked; I was told by the sales team that he was their best trainer. I called him and immediately responded to his direct and sober approach. He honestly explained what deep in my heart I knew, that there was no quick fix, that it was going to be a long, slow road, which would require the utmost commitment from us both.

He cleverly started me off slowly, doing routines that felt, or very quickly started to feel, manageable and fun. As my fitness improved and I got stronger and felt better, and as the seasons changed, Marius broadened the scope of my training. Beyond the gym, we would do beautiful trail walks and runs on different routes, and we began training and running outside. After some time he suggested I set myself a goal- I suggested a half marathon, he insisted that I would be able to manage the full distance. Mystified that he believed it possible I could achieve this, I agreed. Marius put together a specific training programme for me and once again the focus of my training shifted. It was hard, very hard- we literally started off walking just a couple of kilometers at a time. I constantly doubted that I would ever be able to run a full marathon, but he seemed absolutely certain that I could. There were many ups and downs, things didn’t always go according to plan, but throughout Marius has been encouraging, understanding,supportive and spot-on at reading my frame-of-mind.

My daughter has just turned 2; I have lost 32 kilograms, and two weeks ago I completed the TCS Amsterdam Marathon by myself in reasonable time. I still can’t believe it. But no time to dwell on that- Marius has already presented me with options for my next challenge.


When I first came to you nine and a half years ago I did so quite reluctantly, thinking that coming to gym was just a means to an end. Little did I know that very soon, I’d develop such a love and appreciation for exercise!


I grew up thinking that I wasn’t very good at sport and this was probably the reason why I never enjoyed it or got involved and was pretty much unfit for the first 30 or so years of my life.

I remember the first day you put me on the treadmill, it was like a eureka moment!  I loved it and have not stopped running since. Now, in my 40’s, I have never been fitter or healthier and have never felt better.  You pushed me gently and made me realise that anything is possible.

We’ve travelled a long road together and I know the the journey’s not yet over. Thank you.


Marius has been my personal trainer for the last 18 years – yes folks, I did say 18 years – and, without being dramatic, he is probably the reason that I am still alive today.


18 years ago my wife had got so fed up with my slothfulness that she engaged Marius to start a program of exercise for me for six weeks and the rest, as they say, is history!

Throughout our time together, Marius has always been 100% committed, reliable and inspirational. He has got me out of bed at 05h30 in the morning, three times a week for 18 years!

I have taken a keen and personal interest in watching Marius grow as a person and as a professional. Nowadays, he is a supremely conditioned extreme athlete who is constantly introducing fresh and innovative ideas into his professional practice.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Marius as the ideal personal and professional trainer – whether it be for the aspirant athlete, the degenerate middle-ager (like me) or anyone simply wishing to aspire to a more healthy lifestyle.


It’s been 7.5 years since I met up with Marius on the recommendation of a friend. To say that we both had our doubts about the longevity of the relationship is probably putting it mildly!


Not least of all because my initial goal was to exercise twice a week – hardly breaking a sweat in Marius’ books.  However, 10 minutes on the treadmill slowly became 15 and, without realising it, I suddenly found myself at gym on days when I didn’t have to be and a new found pleasure in the stiffness that accompanies returning to exercise from a not-too-short hiatus of 10 years or so.

The rest, as they say, is history! Through Marius I have found confidence in my ability to push boundaries both mentally and physically. It has been an exceptionally rewarding journey and one that has shaped many aspects of my life beyond simply exercise or gym.  Marius has slowly encouraged me to focus on life “beyond gym” which, while initially daunting, has opened up a much more pleasurable form of exercise.  Without a second thought, running shoes are now included in the packing for weekends away and I even have a bicycle (that does more than just gather dust!).

My biggest achievement was managing to stay incredibly active throughout my pregnancy. I ran up to my 24th week and continued training right up to the day before I went into labour.  Marius constantly tweaked my programme, and the level of exertion, to cater for the various curved balls that pregnancy throws at you.  I credit my continued enthusiasm for exercise over this time to his constant oversight and input.  Without doubt, our focus on strengthening my core and general strength contributed to minimal discomfort during my pregnancy, controlled weight gain and my quick recovery from delivery.

Since then it’s been back to usual.  And if you expect sympathy – not a chance!  What sets Marius apart is his ability to push you harder than you thought possible while at the same time being so damn nice about it!


Marius has been my personal trainer since 2004 (2 x 1 hour sessions per week) and in my opinion, his biggest strengths are his…


·         ability to adapt my workout to my specific needs, strengths and weaknesses
·         genuine interest in my wellbeing and progress
·         precaution taken to avoid injury
·         positivity
·         flexibility
·         professionalism
·         sense of humor
·         humility
·         discretion


Summer was approaching and it was a Thursday evening. As per usual, we were getting ready for our weekly cards night. The conversation was all about “Marius”. Then the boys started doing lunges!!


I was very, very confused.
I had gotten to know Barrie, Foxie and Mayer quite well during the weeks and months leading up to October 1999…well enough for them to confide in me their “boys” stories, but not nearly well enough to leave the cards night with more money than I arrived with. Many School and University fees were paid with my regular weekly contributions/losses…but I digress.
Back to the lunges…and “Marius”:

Barrie – “I’ve never been fitter in my life”
Foxie – “I’ve lost 13 kilograms in 2 months”
Mayer – “I did 1000 lunges yesterday” (Mayer has been known to exaggerate!!!)

What were these guys on about? And, more importantly, who was this “Marius” oke?
We settled down to play cards and half way through the evening the sushi arrived – time for a quick meal break. I took the opportunity to enquire about “Marius”. This being a child friendly website, I’m barred from repeating the replies verbatum – suffice to mention that I had to contact “Marius”, which I duly did the next day. A trial session was arranged and I was hooked.
I should mention that I was reasonably fit, having played sport all of my life, but I required discipline and structure in my “exercise” life…and this is exactly what Marius delivered…and continues to deliver.
I won’t bore you with personal details, suffice to mention that Marius weighed around 90kilograms when I met him …you should see him now…so he also practices what he preaches.


14 years later and I’m still exercising, together with my wonderful partner, under his watchful eye. Heaven help us if we miss a beat or try to slack off!!!…only kidding, he is like a mother to her kittens, cruel or kind, depending on what the situation requires/demands – we love our “COACH” to bits.
In closing, should any prospective victims wish to see Marius and his client(s) in action, feel free to visit when Andre (mornings) or Alan (evenings) are in action…they are “machines”.
As for Barrie, Foxie and Mayer, unfortunately they couldn’t last the pace, but, who knows, they may be back one day.